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The benefits?

For many, it may be difficult to choose between a low-cost web design option or a fully custom solution. So let’s break it down. If you’re starting out on a small budget and are only looking to get a few pages online for you to point people to, then a low-cost option might be the best route. Read more about our low cost web design packages. Alternatively, if you’re looking for anything more than 5 pages, already have an existing website or want to have a say in every minute design detail on the page, then a bespoke web design option would be best for you. You’ll get updates the entire way from initial drawings through to the complete website with our unlimited design process and access to a temporary domain for you to see progress before we make anything live to the public. Bespoke web design is a great option for those who may already have a vision of what they’d like to have on the website and don’t want to be limited by the designs of our low-cost solutions. Want to add a section? No problem. Don’t like the font? Let’s change it. You’re after an entire different colour scheme? Sure, we’ll change it. It’s our most popular package for a reason for these reasons. We guarantee 100% satisfaction with the design before we start building the site, making sure you’re happy throughout the whole process. Don’t just take our word for it though, see what our other amazing clients have to say.

Bespoke Website Design Example

Bespoke Web design Process

The process


Project Consultation

To kick the project off, we’ll come to see you or organise a phone call so we can dive into your business and understand what your aim is for the new website. Whether you’re looking to sell online, promote your work or create a hub of information for your customers. We’ll talk colours, fonts, imagery and content so we have the best idea possible of what you’d like the design to look like.

Website Design Consultation


Homepage Design

It’s then time for the designers to work their magic. Taking everything from the initial meeting with you, along with the additional research around your business, the first draft of your design will be completed. This is where our unlimited design process features. We’ll send you the design once it’s complete and ask for feedback. There is no change too big or small at this stage as we want to make sure that you’re 100% happy with the design before moving on.

Homepage Design


Homepage Development

Once the design has been signed off, then it’s down to our developers to start typing away as they turn the static design into a functioning version of your homepage for you to take a look at. When it’s ready for you to take a look at, it’s put up onto a temporary domain for you to take a look at on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile so you can see how it’s looks responsively.

Homepage Development


Content Pages Build/Design

Following from this, the other pages for the website are then built. These include any News/Contact pages, service or product pages along with general content pages such as terms and conditions/cookie name a few. The design for these pages is based off the homepage to ensure consistency throughout the site. You’ll receive regular updates when a new page is ready to be viewed so you can follow the progress.

Content Pages Design Build


Final Website Checks

After having these pages viewed and signed off by you, it’s then time for the team to get together and go through the website from top to bottom testing every page on all devices to make sure it’s pixel perfect. It’s also optimised for Google, making sure page load speed is as quick as possible and all the right structure is present to be indexed. If you're wanting to host the website with us, we'll give you a whole year for free on our Troposphere package!

Final Website Checks


Website Aftercare

Following from a final sign off from you and the go ahead, the website is then loaded onto our UK based servers and make public for the world to see! It doesn't end there though, we offer a month of free incremental updates following the website going live while we monitor how it’s used to make sure user experience is consistent across the board.

Website Aftercare

“We’ll prove that our strategy works before we take your money!”

28 day Trial

We’d like the opportunity to showcase our strategy over the course of 1 month, you wont be locked into a contract and we’ll charge only charge you a 50% discount.

1 - 14

Days 1-14, our team will setup your campaign and implement our strategy. We aim to target the right people and show you how we engage with your target audience. If you’re not happy with the results, we wont charge you!

15 - 28

If you get to this stage then you clearly like what we have delivered so far… In days 15-28, we aim to continue our prospecting strategy and show you that when you add volume to quality, the end result is a positive lead generation strategy.