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Omni channel lead prospecting is using all channels cohesively to ensure that all your social media, retail platforms and in-store experiences work together to attract clients through all sales funnel stages.

In today's world, people switch between devices and applications seamlessly. So a customer may see an advert in one place and buy via another platform. This method of browsing and shopping is known as grasshopping.

It isn't just retail, as there is evidence that B2B customers also operate across multiple platforms.

Since the pandemic, there has been an even greater emphasis on connecting via social media and other online platforms, so reaching out to prospects on multiple channels is essential.

It stands to reason that the holy grail of prospect engagement is to connect multiple channels, and Omni channel outreach is the way to do it.

This article will explore Omni channel lead prospecting & Appointment setting and uncover the benefits of this approach to driving sales.

What is Omni Channel Lead Prospecting?

Omni channel lead generation uses various channels to reach prospects and attract them to your product or service. You might use intent data based on your target customers' profiles to focus on a particular market.

The next stage will be to contact those prospects with cold emails offering the relevant products or services, followed by cold calls to develop a relationship.

Platforms such as Linkedin are useful mediums, but human interaction is also an essential component of the Omni approach. Qualified leads need to feel valued, and personal contact can build and secure that sales relationship.

Omni channel campaigns specialise in offering a multi-pronged approach with multiple touch points to connect with prospects to increase engagement and retention.

What is omnichannel outreach?

Omni channel outreach is the ability to connect social media platforms, emails, and phone calls to engage prospects to generate leads actively.

There is a thorough integration between channels and tools to create a holistic approach for reaching out to prospects at different touch points.

The aim is to build a relationship with a prospect by bringing together outreach channels on a single platform.


What are the benefits of Omni channel lead prospecting?

Integrating social media with the sales and marketing strategies makes the Omni channel approach to lead prospecting more successful than other strategies.

Conversion Rates – Because the Omni approach is tailored for each prospect, it leads to a higher conversion rate. Omnisend discovered that Omni channel campaigns have a 250% higher success rate than single-channel campaigns.

Retention Rate – Companies that use more than three channels in their campaigns achieve a 90& higher retention rate than those that stick with a single channel.

Effective Engagement – The Omni approach creates longer-lasting relationships, which means it will be more effective over time and create further future lead generation.

Integrates channels  - It makes connecting with prospects on their preferred channel easier.

Mapping Journeys – Simplifies the dashboard that collates the prospect's sales journey and makes it easier to schedule follow-ups.

CRM Integration – Creates richer data, makes lead scoring more accurate and can be used to automate tasks to allow sales professionals to focus on conversions.

Omni versus Multi-Channel Lead Generation

On the surface, there may seem to be little difference between the Omni approach and multi-channel lead generation.

However, there is a clear distinction between the two. Multi-channel lead generation puts the company's product or service at the centre of the campaign, while Omni channel lead generation puts the prospect at the centre. 

  • With Omni, the aim is to give the prospect a more personalised experience and, rather than focusing on using as many channels as possible, concentrate on combining channels and personal interactions.

  • In Omni, the main focus is on building a relationship that feels more natural and is, therefore, more engaging.

  • In multi-channel outreach, the different channels exist independently with little integration. It can lead to challenges for a sales team to track progress. 

  • With the Omni channel approach, you can make outreach an intuitive process to engage with prospects on whichever channel they use.

  • One of the leading principles of the Omni approach is for maximum integration between channels on one platform to drive forward the conversation with prospects based on their intents and behaviours.

  • Omni uses behaviours such as a prospect's preferred channels, how often a link is clicked, request acceptances and opening of emails to influence the campaign actions.

Why use Omni channel lead prospecting?

Utilising Omni channel lead prospecting ensures that you will deliver the right message to the right prospects at the right place and at the right time.

A successful approach will mean you get the attention of your prospects on whatever channel they are currently using or where they are more comfortable engaging. The Omni approach helps to discover this information.

Rather than casting the net wide and far, Omni channel lead prospecting allows you to focus on the channels your prospects use most and target them there. This integrated approach is more effective and less time-wasting.

What is Omni channel automation?

Automation is the best way to simplify Omni channel outreach and make it less time-consuming.

You can create automated human-like responses to your prospects' activities by instigating a trigger and an action, such as appointment setting.

Automation removes the manual, laborious tasks at the early stages of lead generation and allows your sales team to focus on building relationships and closing deals.

Omni channel lead prospecting is no longer a luxury. It's a necessity. It allows you to take an integrated approach to gather qualified leads and then delivers a personalised experience to create sales appointments and call opportunities.

Outsourcing the lead generation to a specialised company ensures your company will benefit from marketing and sales expertise to boost the number of qualified leads and optimise your chances of higher conversion rates.

At Curral Ltd, we work with B2B focussed companies, delivering pre-qualified sales appointments across EMEA. Our innovative strategy incorporates digital & traditional business development activities that lead to performance-driven results, reflected in our retained performance commercial model.