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Lead generation is the process that describes the act of engaging and capturing consumers interest in a particular product, service or brand. Often associated with telesales or direct mail, lead generation and getting it right is crucial to any growing business. Leads should be the process of defining, generating, working and communicating with potential clients in a perfectly tailored manor to get the best output for sales leads.

But why are so many companies getting lead generation wrong?

Poor data sources

Sales lead data is often provided by 3rdparty companies and these are often leads that have been sold on to different companies numerous times. They’re often cold leads which have been approached by sales companies with a similar strategy before and not always relevant to the target marketing you’re looking to sell to.

Faceless communication

People want to speak to real people directly, they don’t want to hear a voicemail, see a generic email or receive a link to a landing page of a website. Cold calling or spamming through digital or printed media can sometimes do more harm than good to a company’s reputation. Nowadays people want personalised communication where they can speak to real people in real time about their business and its requirements.

Client access

The client needs instant and back-end access to the sales messages that are being sent out with transparent reporting so they’re able to manage any successful responses from interested parties. Sales follow-up time is often too slow, the quicker you respond the more likely it will be for your lead to turn into a sale. By giving your client the ability to respond themselves in a timely manner will enhance the success of your campaign.

Inexperienced telesales staff

Telemarketing employees can work anything between 6 – 10 hours per day, making up to 300 phone calls during that time. Often paid minimum wage and lacking a genuine knowledge of the product they’re trying to sell doesn’t make a great recipe for sales success.

What makes Curral different?

Curral recognise the importance of prospecting and approaching new leads and understand that using the right strategy and execution will get great business results. Marketing and advertising strategies are now heavily digitalised and your lead generation strategy should be the same. The best lead gen companies utilise targeted digital channels to direct the right people to their clients' business.

We use a unique concept and strategy through LinkedIn to identify your desired prospects. Using specialist search techniques to identify the right people, we then create a personalised campaign message that will make direct introductions to achieve maximum results. Through your company representatives profile’s we will actively approach prospects on a daily basis and notify you of warm prospects as a result of the campaign that can be nurtured into valuable business introductions and sales.

We’re so confident in our strategy that we want to prove it with a 14-day, commitment free, free trial. All we need from you is to understand your business requirements and who you would like to target and we can turn your first campaign around within 24 hours.